Sevilla Mosaic Tiles, Original KitKat, Forest Green Glossy, 20x145mm


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  • Radiant Glossy Finish: The Sevilla Mosaic Tiles in Original KitKat design feature a lush Forest Green gloss that captures and reflects light, enhancing the aesthetic vibrancy and illumination of any space.
  • Contemporary Kit Kat Style: With their modern Kit Kat shape, these tiles redefine traditional tiling with a contemporary edge, adding a fresh, stylish look to your décor.
  • Ideal Size for Creative Installations: The compact 20x145 mm size of these mosaic tiles facilitates intricate patterns and versatile installation options, making a notable impact in various settings.
  • Robust Construction: Manufactured from premium materials, these tiles are built to last, offering resistance to stains, scratches, and moisture, thereby maintaining their beauty and integrity over time.
  • Broad Utility: Exceptionally suited for diverse applications such as kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, shower surrounds, and accent pieces, these tiles unlock extensive design potential for both residential and commercial projects.
  • Delivery within 2 weeks